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Our solutions inspire decision makers to take action in line with their organization's goals, often to:

  • Respond to changes or challenges in their markets

  • Gauge the health of their business or mission

  • Focus on customer-centered marketing and/or sales initiatives

  • Identify and prioritize opportunities for profitable growth and innovation

Issues and challenges that benefit from a deep dive into current customer insights span:






  • Customer Journey
  • User Experience
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Unmet User/Customer Needs
  • Market Segmentation
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Product/Service/Program Innovation
  • Concept Development
  • Brand (Re-)Positioning
  • Messages That Matter
  • New Market Opportunities
  • Barriers to Growth

Research methods well-suited to customer insight studies include:

  • Focus Groups - In-Person

  • Online Bulletin Boards

  • Webcam Groups and Interviews

  • Depth Interviews - In-Person, Phone or Web-Based

  • Qual/Quant Mixed Methods

  • On-site Ethnographic Research - In-Home or Workplace

Our whole-brain approach to problem solving and project design embraces:



Design and Systems Thinking

  • Asking the right questions to ensure that insights from research fill relevant learning gaps and benefit all stakeholders

  • Applying creative problem-solving and idea generation techniques to enrich research outcomes and client solutions


Market Research and Analysis

  • Advising on the use of methods and techniques that best fit a client's learning objectives and resource parameters

  • Applying current knowledge from neuroscience, behavioral economics, sociology, and anthropology to enhance understanding of human behavior  

“Randi is passionate about making a difference and doing everything possible to get to the heart of the matter through market research. She masterfully uses innovative approaches to supplement traditional methods. Her ability to make sense of complex issues and gray areas testifies to her keen insight and business acumen. We could not have developed, gotten approval from the executive committee, and implemented our new business plan without her research and strategic guidance.”


Physician, The Cleveland Clinic

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